Oh Snap, It's Violet!
Twelve year old Violet hosting her own web show!
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hello everyone! this is ohsnapitsviolet and i am violet! -hehe 😉 anyways now that we have that awkward (written) introduction out of the way lets get to the point of this blogpost this summer i’m going to be doing a book group and if you guys like it (ill know if you leave a comment […]

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Click to Play Violet and her theater friends: Jessie, Alexa and Molly sing Journey’s Hit only they think it’s Glee’s hit. ;Just so happens it was the theme song for the class of 1983 in Waterford, MI too.

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Click to Play A most beautiful Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2010 and 80 degrees.

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Click to Play Have an old screen laying around?

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Click to Play Nina comes over and the girls decide to paint t-shirts.

Click to Play This play was completely written by Violet, Colette, Nina, Annie and Lucie.

Click to Play Violet, Annie, Lucie and Colette have a dance off in August 2009.