I know, I know, Thanksgiving is on November 24th so it’s hard to concentrate on spending time with family and eating a bunch of mashed potatoes when Christmas is only a month away. I know that presents and candy canes have crossed my mind once or twice through the passed week, although my goal for Thanksgiving this year is to spend as much time as possible with family. If you have watched my most recent vloggsisters video I talk about this goal. So far it is going really well. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night I visited my Aunt Kathy, Uncle Rick, Cousin Nic, Cousin Shane all at my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom’s house with my brother Andrew, his girlfriend Ashley and my dad. My sister just arrived two nights ago from college in New York City and my Aunt Kate just arrived last night. Today I had school but it was only a half-day so we were dismissed at 10:45!! After school my BEST friend Colette, and my other friends Allyson, Mod, and Natalie went (as usual) to a near by coffee shoppe named Peets. We had a bunch of fun and weren’t rushed because we had all the time in the world after that I went to Colette’s house where we shot the MOST AWESOMEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!! If you want to check it out it’s the most recent video I have posted here on ohsnapitsviolet. It took a lot of work, but in the end I think that it payed off. Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) I am going with my sister to brunch with my dad, then all day long I will be cooking food with my Mom, Aunt Kate, and sister for Thanksgiving Dinner which we will be having that night. Also the day after that, (Black Friday!!) I am going to The Natick Mall with my friends Allyson, Colette and Varsha which I am sooo excited about!! So this week is turning out pretty fun!! And then, on top of all the awesome events I have planned, I don’t have school tomorrow, the day after that, that day after that, or the day after that!! Awesome right?? Ahhh…. I love HOlidays!! That’s all for now Folks but be sure to check in as soon as you get the chance, and look out for the upcomming Christimas series videos I have coming up!! See you guys later!! BYE!! <3 🙂 -Violet