I came back from DARTS AT TANGLE WOOD SLEEP AWAY CAMP a couple days ago so you can expect a collage video made up of mini vlogs i did over those 5 days i attended up soon but just stay patient please because this weekend i’ve been attending WORDCAMP so i’ve been very busy. I get home at 10 and i wake up at 6:30…….. AM!
Anywho wordcamp #wcbos is wonderful its only 2 days 🙁 but you learn SO much. OH and also in case you were wondering (because you probably were) word stands for WORDPRESS! WOOOHOOO! Because everybody loves wordpress! I will be doing a vivivloggs episode about this woderful weekend that .tv sponsered.

On another note besides going to sleepaway camp and attending nerdy conferences i have been doing the usual: reading (GO HARRY POTTER), hanging with friends (ya, right!), sleeping (all day long), and i’ve been REALLY into crafts lately so expect more GIY (glam it yourself) videos!,although i must say for the past 2 days its been hard to do these thing because of the terrible heat wave washing through boston. I always thought that the term “heat wave” was quite contridictory though because “heat” is hot and “wave” is cool but a “heatwave” meens hot so i guess warm beets cool?

go watch my last video::: VIVIVLOGGS + BOOKGROUP UPDATE

thx so much for reading



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