Oh Snap, It's Violet!
Twelve year old Violet hosting her own web show!

Today I will be going Christmas shopping for my mother and making Christmas cookies!

I got the Christmas cookies recipe from a website called kraftfoods.com .

The recipe is called Our Softest Sugar Cookies! I have never made it before so I do not know what is going to happen! I am going to make it exactly the way the recipe is! For the frosting I am going to google a recipe for vanilla frosting and I am going to make 2 bowls of it and dye one red and one green with food coloring!

OkĀ  so I got the vanilla frosting recipe from target.com My dad is mixing it right now! It is really sugary though and grainy and not at all creamy so all we did was add a couple of tablespoons of cream (which my dad juid st put in). The recipe said to just blend it for 5 minutes but we blended it for a couple more (again because it was grainy).

Ok well the cookies are done now and they are deeeeeelicouse! on some of the fosting i put some left over hollween candy which made a fine touch that made it a signature cookie and my brother really like it!

One thing though the first time i tryed to make the frosting and the first mistake was we put granulated sugar insted of confectioners sugar and we put soy souce insted of vanilla so in the end we put a lot of vanilla and cinamin to over come the soy souce and we made it into cookie dough! so now its all good!

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