Oh Snap, It's Violet!
Twelve year old Violet hosting her own web show!

Ello my name is Violet and this is ohsnapitsviolet.com. I made this website and web show and blog that i am typing on right now because i new that i was very creative and talented and i needed a way too show people that. I also new that i needed too have something that i could do with my friends once or twice a week that was very fun and that could be at least one thing that I can go back too every week and be proud of my self. I wanted too inspire kids too be more creative and obviously it worked because Annie and Lucie are already doing there own web show. This web show is very fun for me and i hope its the same amount of fun for you to watch! If you have a comment please leave it in the comment box and make shure too read my blog once a week!!!!!!

8 Comments to “Welcome”

  1. Nina says:

    hey bff your site is off the hook.

  2. paula mazza says:


    It was good to see you Sunday. LOoking forward to seeing your web show!!

  3. cc (colette) says:

    Violet, i love what you did with your website its so cool!!!!!!!
    and your right it does inspire kids to be more creative and i can sell you that wii! Oh and we should skype some time!!!!!!

  4. muizza says:

    kool violet see ya next week

  5. Bobby says:

    Hey nice video I was just wondering did you own an IMac computer? because I just bought one and it said to go here 😀 did you have a poem on it that said

    THE OFFICE a poem by violet maxfield so so
    silent shhhhhh you can’t say anything or it will rouin the peace of the office pea

    thought it was interesting that it brought me to this website. Send me a message at irishdeathbunny@yahoo.com


  6. Varsha says:

    Hey Violet I will start checking your website

  7. Cindy says:

    Heyy violet! Luv the website! See ya mobday

  8. Varsha says:

    Violet….. I miss you… 🙁 I knoee we just hung out but seriously.. I had a blast sorry for the weekend… Dat wazz rlly confusing 🙂

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