Oh Snap, It's Violet!
Twelve year old Violet hosting her own web show!
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Click to Play Violet introduces Tom and Bob her African Frogs.

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Click to Play After her delicious hummus success Violet decides she can do Pita too.

Click to Play Violet sets off with her healthy lunch.

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Click to Play In part one 10 year old Violet whipped up homemade hummus in the Vita Mix blender.

< Click to Play 10 year old Violet uses the high powered Vita Mix blender to make hummus for a healthy lunch on her first day back to school.

Violet made this video at Boston Media Makers Photo by Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA

Ello my name is Violet and this is ohsnapitsviolet.com. I made this website and web show and blog that i am typing on right now because i new that i was very creative and talented and i needed a way too show people that. I also new that i needed too have something that i […]